Build a wall desk

Is it cheaper to build your own desk?

If you want a higher quality desk and have some experience with woodworking, I’d build. The type of cheaper desk you normally buy at an office supply store is made out of fiberboard. … If you don’t care what it looks like, you can still build it cheaper than buying it using lumber instead of woodworking wood.

How long does it take to build a desk?

about 30 minutes

What desk should I get for gaming?

Best Gaming Desk 2020: Ideal Buyers Guide

  • EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S – Top-Rated Gaming Computer Desk.
  • GreenForest L-Shape – Fits Multiple Gaming PC.
  • Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk – Gamers Choice.
  • ApexDesk Elite – Best Adjustable Standing Desk 2020.
  • Atlantic Gaming Desk – Easy To Assemble.
  • Need AC14LB-Pro – Affordable Gaming Desk.

What size desk do I need?

Desk Design Guidelines

A 24 to 28 inch high work surface is recommended if the desk will be used for typing. A standing desk (versus a lap desk) is normally 30 to 60 inches wide and 20 to 30 inches deep. A conventional office desk is often about 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep.

How thick should a desk be?

The C surface, which will form the underside of your desktop, will have some shallow knotholes and other defects. I almost always make my desktops 24 inches deep. This depth provides ample space for larger desktop computers and just about anything you’d put on a desk.

What is the standard height of a desk?


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