Build a workbench in garage

How tall should a garage workbench be?

Most workbenches range from 28 inches to 36 inches deep, 48 inches to 96 inches wide and 28 inches to 38 inches tall. The amount of space you have usually dictates a bench’s depth and width. Size your bench so you can move material and equipment past it freely.

Where do you put a workbench in a garage?

If the garage is attached to your residence, it is recommended that you install the workbench on the wall nearest to the house. The reason for this is that it will reduce the amount of wiring required to set up an electrical outlet for the bench.

What should I use for a workbench top?

Steel Workbench Tops

Unlike wood, steel won’t splinter or crack, so if you anticipate needing your workbench to need to withstand a pounding, steel is a good alternative. Steel is also the best choice if you’re planning to work with solvents or oil at all, as it’s resistant to both types of spillage.

How thick should a workbench top be?

The thickness of your bench top needs to be about 75mm. That’s 3” in imperial. I would say that the bench top needs to be a minimum of 63mm or 2 ½” thick if you have stock already or that’s a size you can find.

What wood is best for a workbench top?

Pine and ash are the two most dominate timbers in my mind for bench building. But if I was building my perfect bench it would be of oak. I just have a true love for oak – the workabilities of it, and it’s simplicity.

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Is MDF a good workbench top?

MDF. For a bench that extends beyond the frame of the workbench to accommodate vices or other clamps, MDF is an excellent choice. … As well as having the strength to extend beyond the frame, MDF provides a flatter surface than plywood for woodworking use.

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