Killing floor 2 berserker build

How do you beat the Fleshpound as Berserker?

  1. Use the fire axe (it does more damage than the katana and is easier to handle for a beginner than the claymore).
  2. Use the alt fire (middle click by default ?)
  3. Try to get its head.
  4. ALWAYS leave at least 2 seconds between 2 hits. (

What is the best class in Killing Floor 2?

  • Killing Floor 2 is arguably the most satisfying teamwork you can experience on a wave-based – zombie-annihilating FPS! …
  • The community of KF2 is one the best FPS communities out there! …
  • Berserker is the tank perk of Killing Floor 2, using melee and ranged decapitating weapons.

What are the best weapons in Killing Floor 2?

Top 10 Killing Floor 2 Best Weapons

  • Kriss SMG. Kriss SMG Gameplay.
  • Dual . 500 Magnums. …
  • Husk Cannon. Husk Cannon Gameplay. …
  • M32 Grenade Launcher. M23 Grenade Launcher Gameplay. …
  • HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle. HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle Gameplay. …
  • HZ12 Multi-Action. HZ12 Multi-Action Gameplay. …
  • Stoner 63A LMG. Stoner 63A LMG Gameplay. …
  • Battle Axe. Battle Axe Gameplay. …

How do you kill the Fleshpound in Killing Floor 2?

Fleshpounds boast an incredible amount of effective health and usually require a coordinated team take-down effort, or a perk specialized for killing Fleshpounds (i.e Gunslinger, Sharpshooter, Demolitionist. As with Scrakes, quick decapitation kills are the preferred method of extermination.

How do you counter Berserker for honor?

Grab is not guaranteed after a shove, but it’s a valid check to see if they can escape. If they can’t, keep doing it until they do. Anyways, currently the best way to counter a Berserker is to block their light attack and grab them since it’s unsafe, but don’t get used to it as that’s getting patched out.

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Is Killing Floor 1 or 2 better?

They’re different games with their own strengths and weaknesses. However, the consistent hitboxes of the KF2 zeds makes it the better game IMO.

What does Prestiging do in Killing Floor 2?

When you Prestige a Perk, you reset it back to Level 0, losing access to all of its Perk Bonuses and Perk Skills until you level it back up. In exchange you are given a special Weapon Skin, along with a modified Perk Icon and 2,000,000 Vosh (enough for 4 Vault Crates).

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