How to build a tray ceiling

Can you create a tray ceiling?

A faux tray ceiling can be DIY-installed by attaching trim molding to the ceiling where you’d like to create the tray effect and then painting the center of the ceiling a darker color than the surrounding border to create a three-dimensional feel.

How much does it cost to build a tray ceiling?

Generally, it is much cheaper to install tray ceilings during the home’s construction than to go back and have the work done later. Prices vary dramatically based on your location, the size of the home, the detail work and more, but generally plan on $500 to $1,500 per ceiling.

How hard is it to add a tray ceiling?

Although installing a tray ceiling should be left to professionals, the construction process is surprisingly easy. To create the illusion of a high tray, contractors usually add wood to the perimeter room. Once the framework for the drop-down border has been installed, the wood is usually coated in drywall.

Are tray ceilings out of style?

Tray ceilings are certainly not outdated in this day and age. They can, however, look outdated if executed incorrectly. Modern design allows for the incorporation of tray ceilings, even in contemporary homes. Let’s take a look at tray ceilings and how it can be used today.

What is the difference between a coffered ceiling and a tray ceiling?

While a coffered ceiling has many recessed areas (usually in the shape of a grid), a tray ceiling features a single raised area that mimics the shape of the room. While coffered ceilings can be made with a variety of materials, including different types of wood, tray ceilings are usually made with plaster and drywall.

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Do tray ceilings add value?

Upgrade flat ceilings to raised tray ceilings and allow for several lighting options. Recessed lighting with dimmers, lighting wall sconces help create an ambiance that has a high value in appeal and for the value of your home. … Upgraded tiled floors and showers will add value over pre manufactured units.

What do you do with a tray ceiling?

Great Ideas to Make Your Tray Ceiling a Focal Point

  1. Tray Ceiling Color Different From Rest of Room.
  2. Paint the Walls the Same Color as Tray Walls.
  3. Decorate Tray Ceiling with Paneling.
  4. Tray Ceiling and regular walls same, Tray walls different color.
  5. Tray slightly deeper than version of wall color.
  6. Tray Color same as walls.
  7. Accentuate the shape of tray ceiling.

How do you light a tray ceiling?

By placing a chandelier or pendant light inside a tray ceiling you draw attention to its shape and design and it becomes a focal point for the room. By painting a tray ceiling a dark color, the cove lighting or recessed lights will reflect on its surface and create a fuzzy, warm look.

What is the point of a tray ceiling?

A tray ceiling, also called an inverted or recessed ceiling, features a center section that is several inches (or several feet) higher than the areas around the perimeter of the room. This design allows for the use of colors painted on the trim that can turn a bland ceiling into a focal point.

Are vaulted ceilings outdated?

Vaulted ceilings are a controversial topic. On one hand, their old-world charm and grand appeal makes any room more striking. On the other, they can come across outdated, and feel like a waste of energy and space.

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What does tray ceiling mean?

: a ceiling under a gabled roof at a height part way up toward the ridge having the appearance of an inverted tray.

What is the decorating trend for 2020?

According to the experts at Modiani Kitchens, “the trend in 2020 is to choose one or several elements, like the kitchen island, kitchen wall cabinets, or base cabinets in daring colors, like dark red, bright yellow, green or navy blue.” Now is the time to make all of your regal canopy bed dreams come true.

What is the latest trend in ceiling finishes?

One of the recent trends for ceilings is an ultra-glossy, reflective finish that shines. A glossy surface tricks the eye so the room feels larger, especially with lighter colors and furniture in place. However, the surface needs to be polished smooth so no bumps show if using paint.

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