How to build a shower pan on a wood floor

How do you prepare a shower pan for flooring?

  1. Make sure the subfloor is level, solid and clean.
  2. Seal and repair any cracks or holes.
  3. If the floor is not level, the shower pan will not be able to drain properly. Fix an uneven floor using a self-leveler.
  4. If the subfloor is wood, waterproof it before using self-leveler and before spreading mortar or adhesive.

What kind of wood should I use for a shower floor?


Do I need mortar under shower pan?

Most installers recommend putting a bed of mortar down for the shower base to sit on. Check the manufacturer’s installation instructions and see what they recommend in case the use of mortar is discouraged.

Do you put cement board under a shower pan?

Once the subfloor of proper thickness is properly installed then you can apply cement board directly to the subfloor material. ALL CEMENT BOARDS MUST be installed in a fresh bed of thinset. … If you want the cement board under the shower tray then do so – doesn’t matter.

What kind of mortar do you use for a shower pan?

QUIKRETE® Floor Mud (No. 1548-81) is a Portland cement based underlayment mortar designed for leveling travertine, slate and marble floor tile, and for shower pan applications.

How thick should a concrete shower pan be?

As a general rule, a shower curb foundation is 3 to 4 inches thick and 4 to 6 inches tall, with finish material adding to these dimensions.

Do you put flooring under shower?

Yes, tiles must go under the toilet. You could tile under the shower base, around the edges anyway to save cuts, but make sure you go all the way round or prop the area under the wall to keep it all level.

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Do teak shower benches get moldy?

Do teak shower benches get moldy? Due to its high oil content, teak wood is naturally resistant to mold and rot. However, if the wood is not taken care of properly, there are high chances of mildew forming on the surface.

Is bamboo or teak better for shower?

They are much stronger and reliable as compared to the bamboo seats with a higher price tag of course. Overall, teak wood shower seats come off as the better choice between the two due to their natural strength and durability. However, bamboo shower seats are an excellent budget option as well.

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