How to build a coffered ceiling

How much does it cost to build a coffered ceiling?

Coffered Ceiling Costs

The cost to install coffered ceilings varies depending on the type of wood and the size of the room, but is usually about $25 per square foot. For a basic ceiling of 150 square feet, the total cost may be around $3,750.

Are coffered ceilings worth it?

Coffered ceilings can add to your home’s value and make your home more attractive to potential buyers. It’s difficult to quantify how much value it can add, and there isn’t much hard data on the matter, but most professionals seem to agree that a well-done coffered ceiling can be a significant value-adding project.

How deep is a coffered ceiling?

The Deep Coffer is the most popular depth and uses a 4-5/8″ crown. It takes up 4″ from the face of the grid to the back of the coffer. If you are suspending the grid from a drywalled ceiling, you will need 7″ of vertical space. This will allow you room to angle the coffers up thru each.

What is the difference between coffered ceiling and waffle ceiling?

Irrespective of the way beams are arranged, they create the coffered ceiling effect. But the waffle pattern is subject to the way beams crisscross. Whether narrow or wide, the beams create square, octagon, rectangular or diamond intersections and hence affect the design of the waffle ceiling.

Do tray ceilings add value?

Upgrade flat ceilings to raised tray ceilings and allow for several lighting options. Recessed lighting with dimmers, lighting wall sconces help create an ambiance that has a high value in appeal and for the value of your home. … Upgraded tiled floors and showers will add value over pre manufactured units.

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How tall should coffered ceilings be?

Ceiling height.

Given this construction, coffered ceilings work best in rooms with high ceilings, nine feet tall or more.

Do coffered ceilings make a room look smaller?

Do coffered ceilings make a room look smaller? Yes and no. Installing beams will physically lower the ceiling and can make a small bedroom, for instance, feel even more cramped. That’s why this style is recommended for rooms that are on the larger side and ceilings 9 feet high or taller.

How do you calculate coffered ceilings?

Simply divide the calculated span by the number of beams or spaces: 101 / 4 = 25 1/4 in. Remember, that’s NOT the space between the beams! That’s the size of the space PLUS the O.D. of the beam. To layout the beam locations on the ceiling, measure across the ceiling from one wall, and strike a line at 25 1/4 in.

Is coffered ceiling modern?

While most of us are occupied in decorating our living rooms, we oftentimes disregard the ceiling. A series of these panels are added to the ceiling using wood or even other materials. … Coffered ceiling is the most common design for decorative ceiling.

What is the purpose of a coffered ceiling?

A coffered ceiling is a series of indentations or hollows on the surface of a ceiling. Coffered ceilings decoratively hide ceiling imperfections and create the illusion of height.

What color should I paint my coffered ceiling?

In terms of color selection, you can use the same color as your walls, or a variant of the same color that is lighter or darker. Alternatively, you could use a contrasting color that matches well. Finally, many homeowners are making an elegant statement with dark gray or black in their tray ceilings.

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