Build your own projector ceiling mount

Do you have to mount a projector on the ceiling?

Pro: Many users go for ceiling mounts because it keeps the projector out the way. If someone is using the unit, other people can freely walk behind without blocking the light. Con: You’ll need to cable along or inside the ceiling to power your projector, or connect it to an entertainment system.

How do you hide a projector from the ceiling?

  1. Stuff it in a Custom-Made Soffit. This is a popular go-to solution of home theater designers. …
  2. Build a Wall Around It. …
  3. Stow it Behind the Wall. …
  4. Hide it Behind the Screen. …
  5. Put it in a Cabinet, Place it On a Shelf. …
  6. Tuck it Above the Ceiling. …
  7. Consider a Short Throw Projector.

What is the best projector ceiling mount?

List of the 11 Best Projector Mounts:

  • VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector Mount.
  • Peerless-AV PRGS-UNV Precision Projector Mount.
  • Kanto P101W Universal Projector Mount.
  • Mount-It! …
  • Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount.
  • VIVO Universal Extending Height Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount.

How far should a projector be from a 120 inch screen?

Projection DistanceScreen or image sizeProjection distance (1) Minimum to MaximumScrew hole number (2)80 inches (203 cm)97 to 106 inches (248 to 270 cm)4100 inches (254 cm)122 to 133 inches (310 to 338 cm)3120 inches (305 cm)147 to 160 inches (373 to 407 cm)2150 inches (381 cm)184 to 200 inches (467 to 509 cm)1

How far should I mount my projector from the screen?

For example, if your screen is 87” wide and the throw distance of your projector is 1.3, the projector should be 113” (87×1. 3=113”) from the screen. Remember to measure from the center of the projector’s lens straight to the screen, like the above image shows.

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Where should I put my projector in my living room?

You can run them inside the wall up through the ceiling/attic, inside the wall down through the floor (depending on what is beneath the living room), or simply down the wall and on the floor.

Can all projectors be ceiling mounted?

Projector mounting plates are made to fit a certain model projector’s mounting holes exactly, and this varies from one model to another. Most projectors are mounted upside down on the ceiling and have a menu selection to invert the image properly. image size based on distance from the screen.

Are all projector mounts the same?

Universal mounts are made to fit different types of projectors. The screw hole patterns can be moved to fit any brand.

Can you put a projector on the floor?

Your projector is designed to be installed on a wall or ceiling (with the included mount). You can also place the projector on almost any flat surface (with the optional floor stand) to project an image in a portable setup, or on a lighting track (with the optional lighting track mount).

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